Some email messages consisting of just obscenities and/or hate mail are not posted. Nor are messages posted that lack any challenging rebuttals. However, extremely harsh hate mail may be posted to prove that the writer is a fool.

Email messages received by this site which are posted may be edited to remove smut.

Replies to email senders are made by me, Hal Netkin. The communications exchange may be posted to this site for all to see. The writer is then notified via email that my response is posted. The email sender's text is shown in blue and my text is shown in red.

When replying, please avoid generalities. For example, saying that the WatchdogAmerica.com site is full of lies is a generality and is futile to rebut. If you want to have a constructive exchange, please provide an example of what you feel is a lie (opinions are opinions, not lies -- you must be specific).

Nuisance email letters (where the sender makes a pest of self by sending multiple emails nonstop) are filtered and automatically redirected back to the sender.

Personal threats to harm me or my family are considered terrorist threats and are promptly reported to the FBI.

Unless by permission of the email sender, all personal and email address information is withheld.

Hal Netkin