July 13,2002

Sent Via Email to L.A. Councilman Dennis Zine
CC: to L.A. City Council, L.A. County Supervisors, Mayor Hahn, City Atty Delgadillo

To ex-cop Councilman Dennis Zine.

Dear Dennis:

Recall that I warned you and the rest of the council in previous email correspondence that Mexico's own National Security Adviser Adolfo Aguilar Zinser made the sensational announcement (reported right after 9/11), that Islamic terrorist organizations already have a presence along the U.S. border and may be making contacts with Mexican guerrilla groups.

Now comes a report from Fox News' Geraldo Rivera that suspected Arab terrorists are crossing our southern border disguised as Mexicans -- something anyone could have predicted (LAPD experience or not). Here's something else that anyone without LAPD experience can predict: sophisticated terrorists are watching our government, including the LA City Council, for security weaknesses -- and you and the others (except Hal Bernson) have given them what they wanted: recognition of unverifiable Mexican IDs. It seems incredible that you and the rest of the Council (except Hal Bernson) think a Sham ID is better than no ID.

So you're going to try the IDs for six months. Are you going to take the Mexican Consulate's word that every one of those illegal aliens who received an ID has had a thorough background check? Do you and the council have a way of knowing the "real" ID from the fake ones that have now become a top seller on Alvarado Street? Have LAPD officers been trained in detecting the "real" ones from the fake ones?

Without any way of independently verifying the IDs, how will you know at the end of the six months how many Mexican ID carrying criminals and/or terrorists were issued a ticket for J-walking and sent on their way? How will you know how many of those cited showed up in court? Have you set up a database tracking system? And when a Mexican ID carrying terrorist blows up City Hall, will you and the other council members (except Hal Bernson) take responsibility?

33 years of experience with the LAPD may have taught you a lot about busting porn shops, but it taught you little about crime prevention.

Geraldo Rivera Blows the Whistle!
Geraldo Rivera report on Arabs disquised as Mexicans smuggled across our Southern border by Mexican Coyotes (smugglers). These illegal crossers are not hardworking, honest immigrants looking for a better life. They are Terrorists who want to kill Americans.