Before posting this information, I consulted by telephone with Ted Hays, the well known and respected advocate and activist for the Homeless.

To my surprise, Mr. Hays believes that no city by itself should throw money at the problem of homelessness. He believes that if Los Angeles or any other big city took care of its homeless in a proper way, it would attract homeless from all other cities that did not offer the same level of services. Hays believes that homelessness can only be solved on a national level (on this I wasn't convinced).

Investigating what services are now available for the homeless (and the not so homeless), I was surprized that many orgnizations exsist at this moment to help.

Here is a list of them:


AIDS                                                                800-342-2437
Infoline, Referrals, San Fernando Valley        818-501-4447
Alcoholics Anonymous                                    818-988-3001
Battered Women s Hotline                              818-887-6589
Children of the night                                       800-551-1300
Cold Weather Shelter Info                              830-548-6047
Cri-Help (Drug Rehab)                                     818-985-8323
Haven Hills (Domestic Violence)                     818-887-6589
Suicide Prevention Center                              310-391-1253
Valley Trauma Center (Victims of Rape)         818-886-0453


Hillview Mental Health, Lakeview Terrace     818-898-1161
S.F. Mental Health, Mission Hills                     818-837-8150
West Valley Mental Health                              818-598-6900
S.F.V. Com. Mental Health Center                  818-901-4830
Valley Com. Clinic, N Hollywood                    818-763-8836
Veterans Hospital, Sepulveda                        818-895-9595


Burbank Temporary Aid, Burbank                  818-846-2330
Cornerstone, Van Nuys                                   818-376-0030
Independent Living Center Van Nuys             818-988-9525
Loaves of FishesChatsworth                    818-882-3474
Loaves & Fishes, Van Nuys                             818-997-0943
Lutheran Social Services, Van Nuys               818-901-9480
Mend, Pacoima                                               818-896-0246
On Your Feet, Studio City                                818-506-5973
Salvation Army, S.F.V. Corp, Van Nuys           818-781-5739
United Methodist Church Sepulveda               818-892-1164
Valley Shelter, N. Hollywood                          818-982-4091
Women's Care Cottage, N Hollywood             818-753-4580


F.I.S.H., Chatsworth                                        818-882.3474
Lutheran Social Services, Van Nuys               818-901-9480
St Jane Frances Food Pantry                          818-766-7393


Bet Tzedek Legal Services, N Hollywood       818-769-0136
S F Neighborhood Legal Services, Pacoima  818-896-5211

So what's the problem?

Answer: Those who need the above services don't know about it.

Solution: The City Council should call for the formation of an outreach program involving volunteers. The volunteers will comb our neighborhoods to reach out to the homeless and the needy to help them get the help they need. But no money.