Most Americans like immigrants -- even illegal immigrants. But never in modern history has a city been so overwhelmed with such rapid demographic transformation due to illegal immigration, as has Los Angeles -- IT'S THE NUMBERS!

In this site's view, illegal immigrants are not breaking our immigration laws. OUR government is. Illegal immigrants would not be able to accomplish a single outrage if it were not for our government. illegal immigrants are not our real enemy, they are the result of our government's corruption of immigration law. It is our government who is our enemy.

Our government is virtually importing poverty from third world countries at taxpayers' expense. Illegal immigrants are not doing this! Our government is! Illegal immigrants are not forcing foreign languages on Americans. Our government is.

It is time to direct our anger at the true culprits of the corruption of immigration law. Most illegal immigrants take what our government says they are entitled to. Why not? Our government wants them to.

Our government is responsible for the rise in crime, high taxes, inferior education, low wage and work standards, unemployment, inner city decay and urban expansion, health care crisis, housing crisis, crowded cities -- resulting from record breaking illegal immigration.

Time to go after the real lawbreakers, the politicians whose salaries and pensions we pay -- and that includes our local "leaders" -- the Mayor, The City Council, and etc.

In general, illegal immigrants benefit only a small segment of special interest groups made up of L.A.'s employers and contractors who use illegals to cheat on their taxes for profit. These groups claim that Americans won't do the work that illegals do. The truth is that Americans will do the work if they are not exploited and receive fair pay. Employers who hire illegals even make the claim that illegals are better off than in their home country, reminiscent to the former southern slave owners who made the claim that their slaves did the work that whites won't do and the slaves were better off on the plantation as slaves than in Africa.

The claims that employers make that everything we buy is less expensive because of the cheap labor are quickly obviated when we consider that these unscrupulous employers are being virtually subsidized by Americans. Illegal immigrants earn far less than Americans -- the meager earnings cannot provide the heads of houshold enough means of support. Since employers do not offer healthcare or other fringe benefits to illegals, most must utilize government services.

To those who claim that illegal immigrants are good for the economy, I ask: if the economy is so good, why do we need low cost housing -- and for whom? The truth is that City Hall has had a policy of making Los Angeles a virtual sanctuary for illegal immigrants and creating a huge poor class that offers services to the middle and wealthy class at a sub-level compensation.

Having said the above, clearly, the vast majority of illegal immigrants are good decent hard working people searching for a better life and many eventually become proud American citizens (as did my wife). But not all illegal immigrants can be characterized in this way as is made clear by the bulging illegal alien inmate population at the Los Angeles County jail, making up 23%, or 38,748 inmates -- mostly from Mexico.

This site does not advocate roundup and deportation of illegal immigrants -- that's the job for the INS. But this site is against L.A.'s virtual invitation of third world illegal immigrants to our city. This virtual invitation culminates from de facto city policies that many laws not be enfored against illegal immigrants. For example: illegal immigrants do not get cited for many infractions such a J-walking if they cannot produce an ID. Illegal immigrants who routinely violate Building & Safety, and zoning laws such as illegal street vending, do not get cited if they do not have an ID on their person. believes that the LAPD should enforce the laws concerning criminal activity and quality of life. Morover, the LAPD should cooperate with the INS to deport  illegal alien criminal gang members.

Most of us know that illegal immigrants are not a direct threat to homeland security, but a large illegal population creates an active market for illegal documents -- false documents that can be obtained by local terrorists (gangs) or international terrorists (Islamic terrorist).

Lack of law enforcement of said violations has culminated in record numbers of illegal aliens criminals and gang members in Los Angeles, which endangers our security. The non-enforcement of laws has has created a demand for false identity documents and smuggling networks that could also assist terrorists.

Not all illegal immigrants are characterized as honest hard-working immigrants looking for a better life. A 2001 study by George Grayson, a professor of government at the College of William and Mary pointed to conditions for illegal aliens at the Guatemalan-Mexican border  which showed that more than 100 criminal organizations continue to move migrants, including Middle Eastern, African, and Asian migrants, across the Mexican border and most continue on to cross the U.S. border.

Many of those who cross illegally, end up in Los Angeles. Although the vast majority of these illegal entrants are not criminals, some slip through (we must not forget that it only took 19 terrorists to cause the 9/11 disaster). It is true that we will never be able to prevent all illegal alien criminals from making Los Angeles their base of operation, but L.A.'s leadership should make Los Angeles less friendly to alien criminals by enforcing local law.