Matricula Consular and the Creation of a Constitutional Crisis.

Recently, the Los Angeles City Council voted to accept the Matricula Consular (Mexican Consulate I.D.) as the only form of identification necessary for illegal immigrants -- The City's policy endorses banks' acceptance of the Matricula Consular IDs allowing illegal aliens to open bank accounts. This is an endorsement for illegal alien criminals (or anyone including U.S. citizens who will obtain false Matricula Consular IDs already available in the Mac Arthur Park area) to launder money, to evade tax, to racketeer, and structure transactions to evade reporting requirement by U.S. banks.

LAPD Police officers who stop Aliens who commit driving infractions, will be unable to run a "make" as is routinely done for drivers with valid driver's licenses, to determine California or INS fugitive status or run any background checks to detemine criminal history of pedophiles, murderers, rapists and drug dealers. This criminal friendly policy also makes Los Angeles even more vulnerable to terrorist infiltration.

The Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution not only guarantees that all people be granted equal protection under the law, it also requires that all laws be enforced equally. If a city or its employees accept Matricula Consular as a legal form of identification for Mexican illegal aliens, then the city is selectively enforcing the laws based on nationality and legal status. They are also discriminating against, based on nationality, illegal aliens from countries other than Mexico, if the city fails to accept a Consulate I.D. from other countries.

If cities are allowed to accept Matricula Consular as a legal form of identification for a Mexican illegal alien, they are creating a class of people in the U.S., that are exempt from the law and therefore above the law.  This creates a Constitutional Crisis and therefore the City Council is declaring that they themselves are above the law.

All residents of the city must obey the law equally.
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