Mecha, a Chicano organization whose "El Plan de Aztlan" Manifesto epitomyizes divisiveness, separatism, racism, and anti-Americanism. MEChA chapters are allowed at tax payer expense to form chapters in all major California Universities and Colleges and the LAUSD allows chapters to form in many of LAUSD's High Schools.

And the L.A. City Council does not think MEChA is racist! I am calling for condemnation of all Los Angeles' Colleges, Universities, and High Schools who allow racist organizations on their campuses at tax payer expense.

Click here to read the racist manifesto, El Plan de Aztlan.
Los Angeles County Supervisor, Gloria Molina, is cozy with Anti-semite separatist Hector Carreon, publisher of La Voz de Aztlan ...details
I have asked Supervisor Molina to repudiate Carreon -- she refuses. As the New Valley City District 11 Councilman, I will call for condemnation of local and county politicians and leaders who refuse to repudiate Racist individuals and organizations.
Regrettably, L.A.City Council President, Alex Padilla chose to ignore my Email letter of March 22, 2002, to  him, leaving me with the impression that he was tacitly accepting
La Voz de Aztlan's allegation that the other Jewish Council members were indeed conspiring against him.