June 11, 2004
To: Jack Henzie
CC: Victoria Davidson-Castillo

Dear Jack,

Thought I would give you my version.

Ms. Davidson-Castillo is attempting to back peddle with spin.

First to clear up some irrelevent details: I did not say that we were at an official VNNC (Van Nuys Neighborhood Council) meeting. I said that the meeting was an "Informal" meeting. What you saw on the web was not a social get-together. What is important, is that Ms. Davidson-Castillo is currently and officially the president of what's left of the VNNC. She is a mover and a shaker to try to keep the VNNC certified so that we can have new elections next October. While the meeting was not official, it does not mean that Ms. Davidson-Castillo stated opinions are not really what she means.

The absense of quotes should be clear evidence that I did not intend to misquote Ms. Davidson-Castillo. Since I didn't sound record the meeting, and since I didn't memorize the exact wording used by Victoria, I simply paraphrased the gist of her declaration. Mind you that I didn't even ask Ms. Davidson-Castillo's opinion on the matter. She volunteered her opinion that she had no problem with Registered sex offenders on probation running for the board or voting as stakeholder.

She didn't proactively say that she dissagreed with the city attorney's ruling that Registered sex offenders on probation could run for the board or vote as stakeholder. Her statement could not be interpreted other than she agreed with the city attorney.

Section 900 of Article IX (Dept of Neighborhood Empowerment) of the City Charter gives its purpose as: To promote more citizen participation in government... Click here to read charter excerpt.

When I voted for the city charter in 1998, I was under the impression that "Citizen" meant "American Citizen." There was no drop-down window on the ballot that said "the city attorney's interpretation of  "citizen" means felons, fugitives, illegal aliens, or anybody. After we citizens voted for the charter, the city attorney (then James Hahn), changed the word "Citizen" to "Public" when the initiative was made into an ordinance -- without  telling the voters! Click here to read Ordiance.

Ms.Davidson-Castillo says she merely commented on "their" legal right to vote -- but her comment was that she favored it! She gleefully accepts the city attorney's interpretation of what a "citizen" is and then says she must follow the rules of the land -- Translation: Follow the dictated rules of DONE (Department of Nieghborhood Empowerment) and the city attorney.

I find it amazing that Ms.Davidson-Castillo says she represents the views of stakeholders as they are shared with her. I sure would like to meet any stakeholder she represents who thinks it's OK for Registered sex offenders on probation running for the board or voting as stakeholder.

I think we should have a poll to find out what citizens think about  Registered sex offenders on probation running for the board or voting as stakeholder. Please email your opinion to Victoria Davidson-Castillo <[email protected]> with a copy to me so that I can keep count. I will post your comments on www.LAwatchdog.com. You don't have to live in Van Nuys to participate in this poll.

Hal Netkin

P.S. Please be respectful -- No name calling.