Donna Schwalm
accuses Hal Netkin of causing the squatters.
Donna Schwalm, a Van Nuys Neighborhood Stakeholder, accused Hal Netkin at an informal Van Nuys Neighborhood stakeholders meeting on June 14, 2004, of causing the squatter problem because he somehow angers everyone by telling them about it. She believes that if Hal Netkin just kept his mouth shut, the problem would take care of itself.

These homeless squatters have made the lot at the corner of Delano and Cedros in Van Nuys, their permanent home. The department of building and safety refuses to do anything about the problem. Click here to find out what alternatives are available for the homeless.
Donna Schwalm
Van Nuys Neighborhood stakeholder,
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Truth is stranger than fiction.

You need to have your head examined

Hal, that is absolutely HYSTERICAL!!!!!

The amazing thing is they had not one permit
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