In 1996, Congress debated and eventually passed new extensive immigration reform and anti-terrorist legislation including a federal policy to encourage local police to participate in enforcing the nation's immigration laws. But in spite of the first bombing of the New York Trade center in 1993 which should have been a wake-up call to our Los Angeles leaders, our leaders have decided NOT to cooperate with the INS and to ignore growing evidence of our city's vulnerability to terrorist infiltration from our southern border -- only 140 miles away.

According to the September 13, 2001, on-line issue of World Net Daily, Mexico makes little or no effort to police its border with the U.S. It minimizes the threat that refugees pose to the United States. It even suggests its overflow population should be welcomed into the U.S. Moreover, Mexico's National Security Adviser Adolfo Aguilar Zinser made the sensational announcement that Islamic terrorist organizations already have a presence along the U.S. border and may be making contacts with Mexican guerrilla groups. And according to the Washington Post, other searches Wednesday,
It hasn't been long since 9/11, and the gravity of the situation has still not set in with the L.A. City Council.
Los Angeles City Hall
September 12, 2001, turned up 41 Iraqis, two Israelis, three Jordanians and two Armenians. All lacked proper immigration documents and it was unclear how they had entered Mexico.

On December 17, 1999, an Algerian National "terrorist" thought to be tied with Osama bin Laden, was caught in Seattle after crossing the Canadian Border, with materials to fabricate a highly destructive bomb meant to blow up LAX (Los Angeles Airport). This should have been a wake up call to our local government to beef up Los Angeles security. Instead, in Los Angeles, the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) and the city council have made Los Angeles one of the most vulnerable cities in the U.S. for terrorist attacks -- terrorists who can easily enter from Mexico.

In the 9/11 New York and pentagon disasters, U.S. intelligence reports have confirmed that the terrorists carefully planned the bombings. They chose the most vulnerable airports, airports that had lax security and they intentionally took flights that routinely were not crowded with passengers.

As exhibited on September 11th 2001, the preferred delivery system of weapons of mass destruction, is no longer an ICBM, it is an illegal immigrant. And although the vast majority of illegal immigrants are not criminals or terrorists, it should be considered that anyone smart enough to learn to fly an airliner into a high rise building, is smart enough to masquerade as an illegal immigrant. So why would a terrorist want to pose as an illegal immigrant? Because our L.A. leaders profile. They believe that only someone who looks like an Arab could be a terrorist and that anyone who looks Hispanic is just an honest, hard working immigrant looking for a better life.

Since it has been the policy of the L.A. City council and the LAPD leadership to give free and unabashed movement in Los Angeles to illegal immigrants, many scenarios in which an islamic terrorist could conceivably pose as an innocent looking illegal immigrant and cause harm to people living in Los Angeles, exists. For example: an illegal food vendor could sell food laced with anthrax or hide a bomb in a vending cart and deliver it and blow up an institution such as a police station. Such scenarios are far less incredible than 9/11.

Of course it is impossible in our free society to totally eliminate the risk of criminal aliens slipping through our fingers, but it should not be the policy of our city to make it easy for them -- with policies such as Police Mandate Special Order 40.

It has been just over one year since 9/11, and the gravity of the situation has still not set in with the L.A. City Council. Their inability to "get it" was confirmed in July, 2002, when they decided to officially accept foreign ID's for undocumented aliens issued by the consulate of the respective country.