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City Council officially accepts illegal ID's

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Geraldo Rivera Blows the Whistle! -- Followup Letter to L.A Councilman Dennis Zine
In a three part series by the Los Angeles Times about the notorious 18th Street Gang, staff writers Robert J. Lopez and Rich Connell said that according to a confidential State Department of Justice report, that 60% of the 18th Street gang members in Southern California are illegal aliens, estimated to be as high as 12,000 -- and that's just one gang! The Los Angeles City Council has used the LAPD Special Order 40 mandate as an excuse to NOT cooperate with the INS, and created a criminal friendly city. In today's hi-tech world of communications, the word has gotten out via the virtual hotline, that if you're a criminal, come to Los Angeles, you will have deportation immunity. As a Van Nuys block captain for over ten years, I can tell you unequiviocally, that there isn't any significant groups of Valley residents -- even those undocumented -- who oppose deportation of known gang members and alien criminals.
Letter of April 9, 2002, Hal Netkin to Sheriff Lee Baca

Letter of April 26, 2002, Sheriff Lee Baca to Hal Netkin

Letter of May 8, 2002, Hal Netkin to Sheriff Lee Baca

Letter of July 13, Hal Netkin to Sheriff Lee Baca
My appeal to Sheriff Lee Baca was instrumental in him not approving licenses for illegal aliens.
LAPD's 2000 Gang Statistics